Friday, 25 May 2018

Falling in Love with Drone-Based Testing All Over Again with The DJI Mavic Pro!

I have been toying (literally!) around with drones for several years now, and (as a physicist) I have been experimenting with different designs for different applications - from wireless charging, solar powered drones and testing different frame materials - all essentially add-ons for existing drone designs.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a real game-changer for me not only for its portability, ease of use and deployment and tons of intelligent features - from obstacle avoidance, mapping and tracking of objects in real-time and a very accurate series of key indicators from flight time remaining to battery temperature that make flying incredibly easy and fun.

For a professional drone there is a lot amount of opportunity for customization. The blades for the standard DJI Mavic Pro one thing can be upgraded to the Mavic Pro Platinum blades for more quiet and energy efficient flight. Likewise the Pro Platinum Batteries are also compatible with the original Mavic Pro. This is a very good option for future proofing meaning that many good years of flight can be accomplished with this drone without it having to be retired.

Doing more googling I was surprised to see a lot of different materials that have already been developed for use in improving the Mavic's blade design, including the availability of carbon-fiber blades.

All of this is great technology to appreciate but but the real rub for me is to test new technologies and I think the DJI Mavic has the potential to incorporate many extensions for airborne experimentation.

I am looking forward to getting as much testing done as possible whenever I am out of the lab over the summer and I will be sure to share the information as soon as I can. Watch this space!